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Did Hannah Say as Hannah did? mystery

Mac King was on hand when Edde Ddodd was nabbed at a clothing shop only an hour after his partner Hannah knocked over a nearby jewelry store. The Ddodd gang was famous for its fascination with palindromes, that is, a word or phrase that, like magic, reads the same forward or backwards.

Ddodd carried a note from his partner that seemed to disclose the jewels’ hiding place. It read: Ed, I hide, what you do with a shoelace.

“The first three words are a palindrome in themselves,” noted Mac. “The remainder of the note must relate to a different palindrome,” he reasoned.

Walking directly to a display of men’s neckwear, Mac fished out the valuable plunder. How did he know where to look?

Use your mouse to highlight the hidden text below and reveal the answer

Solution: What do you do with a shoelace, that when written out is also a palindrome? Tie it! Mac reasoned the jewels were hidden in the clothing store’s display of neck ties.

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  1. Stumpy says:

    I can’t highlight the thing. What’s the answer?

  2. money55 says:


  3. Cause i just like pie! :-D says:

    I didn’t get it :(

  4. reed says:

    not so easy>;(

  5. crazy Cat$ says:

    That seriously was easy

  6. guyman says:

    it was cool

  7. gman12345678910 says:

    That was good but easy.

  8. piratking12 says:

    it was pretty cool hey does any body know what 5 letter word when completely capitalized spells the same way upside down?

  9. SuGaRsPiCe2000 says:

    what is the answer? i didnt get it:(

  10. The M0N$T3R says:


  11. Mr. Logic says:

    I didnt guess that!

  12. monkeykiller says:


  13. boxerman says:

    easy easy easy

  14. megaman says:

    it is so ovios, come on! so easy!

  15. grassruler888 says:

    what does pokemon have to do with this?

  16. jonbuddy says:

    Including Anonymous’s “Madam Im Adam”.

  17. Huy Guy says that he agrees with Popo, who says:

    I like palindromes and that was easy.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Madam Im Adam

  19. croagunk says:

    I like pokémon do you?

  20. Greendiver says:


  21. Popo says:

    I love palindromes! I have a list. And that was very easy.

  22. The Joker says:

    I don’t like mysterys

  23. pokemon says:

    i loved it

  24. mewtwo says:

    easy to figure out.

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