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A Sweet Solution mystery

At a local carnival, the quack Dr. Zenario was trying to sell a cold remedy of amazing strength. “This hot potion is strong enough to keep a cube of sugar from sinking.”

Carefully he set a steaming cup on his display table and placed an ordinary sugar cube on the surface. Solidly situated, the sugar inspired Harry Zimmerman to pull out a dollar.

“Hold on!” said Mac King as he stepped from the audience. “I think you’ll find the brew starting to weaken.” And sure enough, within seconds the cube started to bob and sink. “I prefer two lumps of sugar,” said Mac. “And Zenario does too.”

Mac knew Zenario’s secret. Do you?

Use your mouse to highlight the hidden text below and reveal the answer

Solution: Zenario used two lumps of sugar. The first was placed on end in the cup and concealed by hot liquid. Zenario placed the second sugar lump on top of the first and it appeared to float. Before long the first lump dissolved, causing the second lump to sink.

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Comments about “A Sweet Solution mystery”

  1. webeloguy says:

    easy he has another cube of sugar under the water and it started to dissolve and then the top one fell

  2. rock says:

    didnt have a clue

  3. you1871 says:

    to easy

  4. AC Star says:

    These mysteries are so easy that my brain isn’t even getting tired of thinking!

  5. killared says:


  6. link fanatic says:

    all these mysteries are easy!!!

  7. Eagleman says:

    come on, challenge us a little

  8. the scouter says:

    Hmmmmm. Tricky.


    Just kidding.


  9. solutionist says:


  10. cccccccccccoooolio says:


  11. matt says:

    come on! e.z!

  12. cdude says:

    That was hard. I had to look at the solution.

  13. jonbuddy says:

    Interesting. 5/5

  14. Greendiver says:

    That was easy. the swamp one was better though.

  15. Popo says:

    I had to think about that one. But it wasn’t that hard.

  16. reaper56 says:

    i dont know it

    tell me now

  17. belman desu says:

    a lot easier than the swamp one, which i am still trying to figure out.

  18. The Joker says:

    that was obious

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