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Super Slick Card Trick

Here’s a great card trick that’s simple to learn and will amaze your friends.

Watch the trick in action:

See how it’s done:

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Comments about “Super Slick Card Trick”

  1. kamenknight says:

    awesome card trick yo

  2. gunner says:

    awesome gonna afta try it

  3. baseball101 says:

    easy i knew it before it started

  4. GI Joe says:

    Iv’e already know this trick for years

  5. rt says:

    neat trick!!

  6. andguyoftroop216 says:

    how do people think of this stuff… its amazing!

  7. rotfl says:

    :o cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. No One says:

    I need to try that one on my little sister and my older one

  9. NAO81 says:

    I all ready know that trick

  10. kaity says:

    I thought it was easy in the beginning

  11. Tanno says:

    easy too do

  12. asian man says:

    but i saw thru that in a sec
    its better if you find a way to keep the deck in sight

  13. Sheep says:

    Mac king wasnt looking at the kid who pumped his hands but he saw him??

  14. lil diesil says:

    easy and fun

  15. w00t man says:

    the behind the back part is kinda obvious just try hiding it when you flip it

  16. #!&$ says:

    could you make this trick better?

  17. haymac says:

    what is the better way vince?

  18. haymac says:

    I tried it on my dad and he was speechless!

  19. vince says:

    I no a beter way

  20. Iron Man says:

    nice. it looks pretty complicated when it’s not

  21. Boys R cool says:

    I tried this trick on a couple of people in my family. Boy were they fooled!! Then I showed them the trick. They were AMAZED!!!!!!!!!!

  22. club ape rulz!!!!! says:

    it was neat to pass the time jk it was good

  23. cooldude says:

    i all raedy knew that trick

  24. dj says:

    cool:]:] trick

  25. double J says:

    i already knew how to do that trick
    but it was still cool

  26. kribb =) says:

    that was cool, but I figured it out before I watched him explain it, my dad and I are magicians and so I am pretty good at figuring out tricks. =D

  27. 123456789 says:

    that is so easy to figure out i dont get how they are amazed

  28. cman says:

    wow: ]

  29. Upton says:

    I love card tricks! I’ve seen this card trick before. I like to go to school and fool my friends.

  30. mr,mistery says:

    woudn’t they see you doing the secret move!!!!??

  31. $$$ says:

    I might try it on my family. Hay! Were is the one were he is headless?!?!

  32. batman says:

    ive tried it and it was so cool

    you have got to try it

  33. BlueGX says:

    that waz pretty kool. I think I may try it.

  34. The Joker says:


  35. monkeykiller says:

    i tried it on my friends and they were fooled but i trid it on my bros and sisters and they werent
    Ya by the way im the first comment interesting

  36. Hi says:

    This trick is so cool I think i might try it on my friends!!

  37. will says:

    that wasa realy coolcardtrick 1/29/09

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