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Fish Bait mystery

goldfish-200x148Clay Moorehead, wide-eyed and angry, accused Kelly Diaz of stealing his goldfish. A bowl under her arm, its half dozen occupants swirling around in a fog, Kelly denied the accusation.

Also on the scene was Mac King, fresh from the farmer‘s market, a bag of produce in his arms. Quickly he sized up the situation, dropped the sack, and offered an immediate solution. An expert angler, the magician cast his hand into the bowl and with great finesse, flipped one of its orange occupants into his mouth.

“Now,” he mumbled around the squirming wet shape, “since you both claim this finny friend, I‘ll bite him in two and each of you can have half.”

“No!,” shouted Kelly. “Let Clay have him. Really! It‘s okay.”

Mac smiled, chewed, and swallowed. “Better luck next time Clay. Your fish is safe in the bowl, Kelly.”

And amazingly, he was. What was Mac‘s secret?

Use your mouse to highlight the hidden text below and reveal the answer

Solution: The kids were so distracted by their argument, they didn‘t notice Mac palm a small piece of raw carrot from his grocery sack. When he stuck his hand in the bowl, he only pretended to pluck out a fish, mouthing the carrot instead. Taking a page from King Solomon‘s book, Mac knew that the true owner of the fish would rather it live with a stranger than be harmed.

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Comments about “Fish Bait mystery”

  1. bob says:

    easy peasy

  2. Adventureismymiddlename says:

    couldn’t the water be filled with fish poop?

  3. tdjbgyhgnhj says:

    to easy. i read the bible all the time so i new this one.

  4. chessmaster says:

    yeah, it’s goldfish gourmet

  5. da da da says:

    he made a magic trick of that

  6. moto moto says:

    i agree with hitman tm

  7. londonbritish13 says:


  8. coolman says:

    anyone could tell that 8)

  9. Book Worm says:

    That was a great trick! It’s an easy way to see who was the real owner of the fish.

  10. The Gardener says:

    I think it was very easy.

  11. kijkjhbkbyb says:

    i loved that

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. UJA says:

    Whoa! That’s the best trick I’ve ever seen!:-)

  14. scabs says:

    its the carrot trick

  15. Himan tm says:

    I agree with monkeykiller and R.O.

  16. R.O. says:

    It is just like Goldfish Gourmet in magic in a minute comics!

  17. the fav says:

    that was easy

  18. actitout says:


  19. monkeykiller says:

    that was easy to figure out

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