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One Way card trick

According to magician Mac King, this spectacular trick is one of the best “pick a card and find it” tricks in the world.

Watch the trick in action:

See how it’s done:

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Comments about “One Way card trick”

  1. soap is a nope says:

    that is easy and cool.

  2. mypie says:

    I did this to my brother and he siad “wow how did you do that!This is a really good tric.

  3. Dooku says:

    i love it
    try it

  4. jkmdog says:

    OK that was weird and cool at the same time

  5. The commenter says:

    nice trick

  6. Cj says:

    what if they put it back in to match the others?

  7. chese man says:

    to:the joker TELL US THE BETTER VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. kool guy says:

    than you just practice it

  9. kool guy says:

    I tried this trick on my friends and family it worked great

  10. woohoo says:

    what if there is no audience?

  11. baseballbatter says:

    it is very interesting

  12. Ummmm says:

    I alredy knew this trick its so obvious!

  13. someone else says:


  14. jimmy says:

    The “joker” and fly guy don’t have a better way. they lied. Duh.

  15. shadow says:

    hey just for kicks…WHATS THE BETTER WAY JOKER?

  16. minitower7 says:

    i would turn mine the right way

  17. blabla says:

    fly guy+joker: What’s the better way?

  18. fly guy says:

    i know a better way

  19. XLR8 says:


  20. person says:


  21. HUM@N B3@$T says:

    I did it to my dad, he freaked out

  22. Edog says:

    i looks comlicated but it is SO easy!!!

  23. Alphonse says:

    I love the magic

  24. 058606 says:

    Can’t wait to try it out on my brother!!!!!

  25. GOLD says:

    i have a set of tapered cards and they are easier to deal with

  26. snowball says:

    Pretty cool trick. Oh yeah “Joker,” what’s the better version? I’ve seen 3 others ask this question. WE NEED AN ANSWER!

  27. Nimrod says:

    That was like so totally wicked!

  28. someone says:

    good trick

  29. JJ says:


  30. Anonymous says:


  31. bdog says:

    sweet loker what is the better version

  32. NIck G. says:

    oh i see that was a pretty cool trick he’s got there

  33. double J says:


  34. moldy says:

    I was wondering how you would see the

  35. Grim says:

    I already new it before the secret was told

  36. hi says:

    It’s like cheeting but still cool

  37. agentcoop says:

    yeah what is the better version joker?

  38. Gecko says:

    A very baffling card trick! One question I am very curious about is do any of the audiance see you setting the trick while the person is showing the card to them?

  39. Jefferey says:


  40. Spyguy says:

    To: The joker
    What’s the better version?

  41. killa red says:

    mind boggling, and easy

  42. cake says:

    I love this.

  43. Jake says:

    that really cool.

  44. superdude says:


  45. MindFreak says:

    Wierd but good.

  46. Bren says:

    pretty cool

  47. The Joker says:

    I know a better version.

  48. BULLDOG says:


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