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One Way card trick

According to magician Mac King, this spectacular trick is one of the best “pick a card and find it” tricks in the world.

Watch the trick in action:

See how it’s done:

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26 Comments on One Way card trick

  1. Pretty cool trick. Oh yeah “Joker,” what’s the better version? I’ve seen 3 others ask this question. WE NEED AN ANSWER!

  2. That was like so totally wicked!

  3. good trick



  6. sweet loker what is the better version

  7. oh i see that was a pretty cool trick he’s got there

  8. sweet!!

  9. I was wondering how you would see the

  10. I already new it before the secret was told

  11. It’s like cheeting but still cool

  12. yeah what is the better version joker?

  13. A very baffling card trick! One question I am very curious about is do any of the audiance see you setting the trick while the person is showing the card to them?

  14. Sweet.

  15. To: The joker
    What’s the better version?

  16. mind boggling, and easy

  17. I love this.

  18. that really cool.

  19. AWSOME!

  20. Wierd but good.

  21. pretty cool

  22. I know a better version.

  23. COOL!!

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