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Goldfish Gourmet magic trick

Your friends will be surprised and disgusted when you grab a live goldfish and eat it.

Watch the trick in action:

See how it’s done:

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Comments about “Goldfish Gourmet magic trick”

  1. Pie lover says:

    Mmmm chrunchy

  2. kj says:

    The first video was weard. The second one was very clever

  3. Lucky man says:


  4. U got says:


  5. Rhinno says:

    Sick. Your get really sick I bet! So don’t do it. Fish are slimmy and dirty without being cleaned.commenrer it is still dirty even after you clean the tank.
    Rhinno Cub Scout 99

  6. Garrey says:

    I agre with chese man.

  7. Garrey says:

    I think its kinda cool

  8. 5678910 4-leaf clover says:

    well,,i think its kinda dirty because,fish poop the best way to try the trick is to try or do it after the tank is cleaned.
    but still a very good trick.LOL(:

  9. The commenter says:

    I don’t want to stick my hand in the water!!!!!

  10. snake keeper says:

    I did that trick on my little sister like 15 times and she realy thought i ate a gold fish. lol

  11. bud says:

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  12. MARIOZOOM says:


  13. imsschirley says:

    Ill use it on a person at school

  14. Barton CIT says:

    I tried that on my friend and he thought I really ate his fish. He kicked me out and I’ve never been there since. :-P

  15. Somebody says:

    Awesome trick

  16. scabs says:

    cool but disgusting cuz of whatevers in there

  17. sjp says:

    that was neet

  18. obi wan kenobi says:

    Tastes like carrots!

  19. jonotron says:

    Once I actually saw someone eat a real goldfish

  20. aj says:

    he is gross eating a carrot and fishy water

  21. Spyeye says:

    p.s. I agree with peace out

  22. Spyeye says:

    the fishes poop in the bowl whats with that?!?!?!?!

  23. Ryofthebobs says:

    Awesome! I have to try that!

  24. SmartGuy10 says:

    I agree with all of those people who actually thought about the turd and wee wee:-)

  25. Cool Boy says:

    thats funny

  26. peace out says:

    That is disgusting!!! there is fish pee & poop in that water!!! He just soaks it in that water.

  27. Boy scout you don't know says:

    What happens if you DON”T have a friend with goldfish? isn’t it just useless?

  28. chese man says:

    but all da fishes go poopy in there! p.s. poopy eater!!!

  29. star scout says:

    I wonder if the carrot and the fish water tast good

  30. Anonymous says:

    cool,yet novice like.

    no offense. :D

  31. gux says:

    I think this is a trick that you expose.SORTLY!!

  32. drew1440 says:


  33. Anonymous says:

    and what kind of germs are in there?

  34. Anonymous says:


  35. shado says:

    i eatfish all the time

  36. sunny says:


  37. crazy gecko says:

    I just got a betta fish yesterday, but it isn’t orange

  38. baseballbatter says:

    I saw that trick in school but I always think it’s a real fish and I don’t know why.

  39. Gum boy says:

    The carrot would get pretty dirty in the fish water(not to be a downer or anything). :):):):):):):):):):):)

  40. hist-buff says:

    AMAZING and shocking and GROSS!!!

  41. ubrokemyipod says:

    that was awesome!!!

  42. kco says:

    i new already that he wasn’t realy eating the fish you could tell because the fish looked realy thin and fishes swim away when you try to catch them and i know that for a fact so i dont meen to spoil all the fun but i got good vision so i could tell but that was a good one almost got me that time.

  43. Eeveeman84 says:

    Oooooh that is an awesome trick. I’ll have to try that when i go over a friends house (providing they have gold fish of course!).

  44. FanRoTom5678 says:

    i dont have any goldfish…:(

  45. jdawg says:

    lol that is good

  46. ez come ez go says:

    I saw the first tape and I said “OH NO!!!!! HE KILLED THE FISH!!!!” ,then I saw the second one and was thankful he didn’t eat the fish, because if he DID, I would scream in sadness because i’m a ‘ Dont kill fish ‘ type of person!

  47. BBgun says:

    It would be INSANE if he ate a real goldfish

  48. will says:

    It is so cool and awsome!!!!!!!!

  49. jdog says:

    dude thats awesome! i wish i could do it.
    oh and one time my step dad had tricked me in to eating a
    frog leg at a chinease restaurant

  50. Mr. boy scout says:

    I think if I did that to my friend he would KILL ME!

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