Comments about “From Pear to Thin Air joke”

  1. Rar says:

    I like that

  2. fas55 says:

    I agree with sheep.

  3. q3eee says:

    i dont get it

  4. I DO! says:

    Seiriously to do the you write pear on the left side of a peice of paper.Next you write disa on the right

  5. mather says:

    haha funny

  6. tahu says:

    for anyone who doesnt get it pear +dissap=dissappear “he has made the “pear”dissappear”

  7. Xent the awesome says:

    this will get you alot of groans. trust me i know these things. but, a four to six year old will crack up if you do this

  8. Sheep says:

    haha i like the last box!

  9. gameboy47 says:

    i will try this on my sister!

  10. Sheep says:

    i like the last comic box thing

  11. dragontamer says:

    lol lol lol lol the monkey just added disap to pear and it makes disappear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. pie is awesome says:

    first he writes “pear” and then adds “dis” in front of it so it says disappear

  13. s0nic says:

    how does the pear dissapear?

  14. Royal says:

    I don’t get it how did he do that

  15. cake lover says:

    well yeah you did not exzacly need to explain that to anybody

  16. la fasta says:

    wow. that is simple

  17. The Joker says:

    wow I cracked up for an hour

  18. tide says:

    ha funny

  19. ha says:

    you just added disap to pear disap pear

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