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  1. mac says:


  2. gdgdffgchfff says:

    it didnt work on my five year old brother

  3. Dan The Man says:

    Thats right chessmaster.I leard that from a book=]

  4. Xent the awesome says:

    another way to do it is slip the coin into your sleeve and then say tada! the coin is gone

  5. chessmaster says:

    It’s also called the French Drop. Also try it with other small objects like candy.

  6. Josh Jay says:

    I agree with Mac King. Every magician should know that effect because it is a whole new art of magic. You should also know how to use dexterity. This is where you have the ability to have flexibility with your fingers. For instance, rolling a coin down your fingers. T o learn how to do this, chek out Magic: The Complete Course by Josh Jay. Hope you have fun with magic!

  7. gamemaster says:

    way to obvious

  8. agant007 says:

    I love it!!!

  9. dude says:

    it looks pretty obvious i want to see a pro do it

  10. hhh says:

    this trick is famouse and everebody knows it

    and the ending was funny :)

  11. florbol says:

    This is actually pretty cool.

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