Comments about “Ring Leader magic trick”

  1. mustang man says:

    BORING!!!!! It dosn’t work

  2. juhi says:

    good trick

  3. mather says:

    so many tricks so little time how am i going to do them all. they are all so good. :S

  4. viet-chinese pride says:

    it didn’t work for me!i don’t get it.

  5. somebody says:

    good trick

  6. voldemort says:


  7. mmmm says:

    mmmmm dont get it!!!

  8. vbvbvc bv says:

    ha ha! funny

  9. 425 says:

    ha ha! funny

  10. obe-wan kenobe says:

    it’s so obvious he used the force I do that trick to the padawans at the jedi temple all the time

  11. natitonic says:


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