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  1. Awesome 101 says:

    You can also use baking soda water to write a massage with a paintbrush then let it dry and pass to a fellow agent and then use grape juice to reavel the massage using a paintbrush.

  2. Adventureismymiddlename says:

    you can also make a secret massage with milk but BEWARE don’t let it spoil P.U!

  3. dark cow says:

    tried to trick my friends but they ripped it up because they thought I wrote something mean about them.:(

  4. game n watch says:

    i did that once and i was passing it to a friend but my teacher took it but she saw nothing when she ufolded it

  5. bubba says:


  6. cross says:

    if you spray hairspray on the envelope of a letter you can read the letter without opening it

  7. Secret Agent Himan Bobb says:

    It doesn’t work.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Spyguy says:

    Same as Jman.

  10. superdude says:

    i like the part abput wat the message says!

  11. some random guy says:


  12. Jman says:

    I already knew about that.

  13. Mr.AWESOME says:


  14. weird man 9,000,000 says:

    Why is there always a monkey with that guy????

  15. wes says:

    Ha ha ha ha!

  16. voldemort says:

    where does he get it!?!?

  17. zacharia says:

    rotfl old bananas

  18. tbone says:

    i’ve heard that a million times!!!

  19. natitonic says:

    haha! cool!

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