Comments about “What’s Cookin’? joke”

  1. mustang man says:

    EASY!!! It’s corn

  2. mather says:

    the awnser is corn

    hahahaha thats corny

  3. zeldamaster says:

    da,corn. it says!!!!!!!!

  4. zeldamaster says:

    da,corn. it says!!!!!!!


    Its Corn. KOOPA PRIDE

  6. camper99 says:

    that was REALLY obvious even before i read the answer


  7. donald says:

    an ear of corn

  8. falcon5.0 says:

    haha!!!its corn!!

  9. Xent the awesome says:


  10. No One says:

    It is corn read the answer

  11. tbone says:

    the answer is verticle on the right!!! did you not notice!?!

  12. Alexker1 says:

    Why does noonne (including me) see the answer is in the right corner? It’s an ear of corn.

  13. MR.knowitall says:

    The answer is on right side corner. LOL

  14. snoopy65 says:

    I think it is corn but I am not sure.

  15. wow says:

    EGGS!you throw away the shell, and cook the whites. Then you eat it, and picky eaters throw away the yellow inside.

  16. dragontamer says:

    easy trick its corn lol !:)

  17. blah says:

    I know but i’m not telling

  18. DENER-P58 says:

    I KNOW I KNOW, corn!

  19. superdude says:

    i dont get it ;(

  20. superdude says:

    i dont get it

    • viet-chinese pride says:

      when you eat an ear of a corn you throw away the outside first
      and you cook the inside,and eat the outside (whitch is the corn)
      and you throw away the inside (whitch is the hard inside of the corn see when you eat corn do you eat the whole thing!Get IT!!
      answer me!! -viet-chinese pride

  21. weird man 9,000,000 says:

    I did NOT want that at the top.

  22. 5678910 4-leaf clover says:

    I get it! cool!ha ha ha hah !!!!:):)

  23. Troop 1776 says:

    Hahaha! I get it!

  24. 999 says:

    ha ha ha:)

  25. captioncaptain says:

    haha! that’s a really good one. I couln’t figure it out until I read the answer.

  26. A shisno says:

    I get it ha

  27. capital says:

    odd, but I get it

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