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  1. Qwertyking says:


  2. MagicMaster says:

    It works so well. Nice trick.

  3. cool bl says:

    I tried and I failed

  4. mather says:

    hahaha that’s awsome

  5. lazershark says:

    it did not work

  6. cam man says:

    all u have 2 do is make sure the cards r close 2 each other

  7. cam man says:

    HAHAHAHA i get it

  8. Bottom's up says:

    Does work. See Sonic Fan’s comment.

  9. cooldude says:

    It does not work.I gess thats why they didn’t put it in a video.

  10. Woohoo says:

    It works! Make sure u put the jack in the middle and the paper clip shoud be in the middle! Try it for ur self.

  11. donald says:

    does not work

  12. Jake says:

    I did not try that yet but I will problely.That trick sounds like a fun trick.But I have a qesttion:how do you know it is the jack.Or are you just suposed to guuse.

  13. bsa says:

    i tried it but it only worked once

  14. viet-chinese pride says:

    didn’t work at all.):

  15. pedro says:

    that is so sneaky

  16. sonic fan says:

    lol the secret is that the paperclip is covering the jack AND the two of spades.

    • Hushai says:

      Sonic Fan, you’re right! Thank you! I have been trying for years to figure out why I could never get this trick to work. It was because I was clipping only the Jack, but when you clip both the Jack and the 2 it looks from the front like you’ve just clipped the 2.

  17. superdude says:

    oh i see!

  18. GameManiac says:

    its okay.

  19. GameManiac says:

    GASP!! >)):>

  20. tbone says:

    it’s awsome!!!

  21. GameManiac says:

    I get it. One side of the paper clip is visible on the top card.

  22. pokemon921 says:

    I tried this two times and it didn’t work.):

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