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  1. gibby says:

    i can already can wiggle my ears

  2. Rar says:

    try sticking a fork into your eye(Mac made the trick. It is FUN!)

  3. Mr. burrito says:

    idunno sounds cheesy

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been able to wiggle my ears the real way for years!

  5. mather says:

    i’d put the string in my shirt

    thats SWEET!
    lol :)

  6. dodo says:

    super sweet

  7. prettypony24156 says:

    funny thats what they do in the movie the little rascals


    interesting my grampa can do it

  9. takanuva2000 says:

    taking the tape off your ears might hurt

  10. Kman says:

    What if they see the string later

  11. gamemaster says:

    they might see you reach for your back.

  12. ak says:

    I can wiggle my ears without even doing that.

  13. cool man says:

    wont they see the string

  14. toby says:


  15. viet-chinese pride says:

    cool i got it LOL(:but when i tried it the bandages fell out.

  16. camper man says:

    its hard to wiggle my ears on my own without touching them

  17. dennis12122 says:


  18. Alexker1 says:

    I can wiggle my ears without even doing that.

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