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  1. randomness says:

    my sister and I did this trick and totally fooled her friend

  2. cutie pie says:

    tell me how

  3. TRON says:

    cool, but my brother would never remember to do that stuff

  4. FASTFIRE says:

    That’s a pretty good trick

  5. nerfsniper says:

    i do this with my bro but there is a prob he always crosses his arms immeadiently so people hate the trick thinking it is always the 2nd one but when i say wait 5or6 times he doesnot cross his arms he just counts five answears and say yes

  6. hi says:

    i have a different way that’s called blue magic

  7. dude in scouts says:

    i tried to do that with my brother but he forgot to cross his arms and randomly said yes

  8. Archeopteryx says:

    This is a face-slapper that would keep me awake at night…

  9. mather says:

    Super cool love it ! :)

  10. zeldamaster says:


  11. chessmaster says:

    That’s really good. I’ve seen a couple versions of this. The only problem is that usually when I’m asked to do magic, it’s on the fly, and you can’t prepare this.

  12. HAHAHA says:


  13. capital says:

    I’ve done this before Its real fun!!!

  14. leopard says:

    That’s good! I’d have never thought of that!!!

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