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  1. pavan says:

    i loved the magic from 6 years old ,i wanted to become a magician .this trick was mind blowing brave mens can only find it

  2. randomness says:

    I did it with mormal paper and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. boogie says:

    my sister wanted to try the same thing with a piece of grass but it was too late to go outside to get one so we made paper grass.:D

  4. NINJ11202 says:

    it wont wock

  5. DuckTapeManiac says:

    How do you get it to work

  6. darth scout says:

    it won’t work for me:(

  7. girlsrule says:

    it took me like 10 times 2 finally get it 2 work but then boom my brother was chasing me and i was running 4 my life. :)

  8. lukster says:

    i now it dosnt work

  9. mustang man says:

    I gotta try that!!!!

  10. james bond says:

    it works i sneak up to bros door give it a blow and well… RUN

  11. cool says:

    didnt work

  12. kk101 says:

    not that annoyin but good!

  13. q3eee says:

    I would if i could

  14. the voice of wizdom says:

    i can’t get it to work, i think i cut the dimonds too far apart. but try try again!!!

  15. woyo12 says:

    Wate till I try this on my sister!

  16. woyo12 says:

    Im trIEn dat on mI sistr

  17. mr the man says:

    I can scare my cat

  18. Comic Lover says:

    LOL!!!! I think the look on Lewis face is soooooo funny!

  19. zeldamaster says:

    it works!i run behind the couch after i use it.then when my sister turns back around,i blow gain and she curls up in a ball

  20. Scouter says:

    awsome I am going to try that

  21. Scouter says:


  22. mather says:

    cool wow need to try it! :O :)

  23. lilttle me says:

    i can do it with a blade of grass and half of my den is annoyed

  24. critic says:

    this noise maker really works. try it on yor older brother or sister and run for it! ;)

  25. Leopard says:


  26. JJ says:

    sounds wacky

  27. Jman says:

    Sweet. I gotta try that!

  28. pokegeek10 says:

    the sound of violence rules it work but u mite want 2 were ear plugs.

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