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  1. CheetahGirl123 says:

    I fooled my mom easily with this trick

  2. boogie says:

    if you do it, hope they won’t look at the bottom of the cup to make sure that the cup has some kind of hole or special thing under the cup unless you take a video of it and show it to them or enclose the place around you so they can only see and not touch the ohter stuff like the cup as what chessmaster said.

  3. waguy123 says:

    i agree with zelda master

  4. slicendice says:

    despite the awsome simpleness of this trick, why would someone want turn a quarter into a penny?

  5. k says:

    Why not try this trick with a half dollar and a dime?

  6. MagicMaster says:

    Just use a nickel and a dime.

  7. harry potter says:

    the quarter wouldnt be TOUCHING the table, thus telling the audience its raised.

  8. Big T says:

    I thought it didn’t take anything.

  9. boyguy33 says:

    It’s so awesome!

  10. zeldafan says:

    i wish it worked the other way around

  11. BoyScoutTroop85 says:

    What zeldamaster said

  12. zeldamaster says:

    they`d see the quarter on top of the penny

  13. Scouter says:

    Not bad I am going to try that.

  14. mather says:

    thats pretty cool

  15. chessmaster says:

    You must really have strong double-sided tape. Nice trick in general! Just make sure the audience can’t examine the cup.

  16. the president of the united states says:

    they’d see that the quarter is raised.

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