Comments about “Kung Fu Hairdo joke”

  1. Unknown says:

    I have pretty long hair and it doesn’t work! :(

  2. unknown says:

    My hair is pretty long and it doesn’t work

  3. Addicting games rater says:

    Works only for long hair.

  4. coolguy1 says:


  5. chimpdude77 says:

    dosent work for boys

  6. bl dude says:

    dznt work for boys

  7. conmaster123 says:

    I can’t do that.

  8. bud says:

    he looks crazy like that

  9. yo says:

    it falls off my head :(

  10. chessmaster says:

    Um, yeah. For guys with short hair (like me), this will not work. BTW, in my opinion, the magic tricks are better and more practical than the jokes. For example, you would tell your gf “Hey, let me show you a magic trick”, not “hey, let me turn my hair into a samurai warrior”. Just Saying.

  11. pudge says:

    I can’t do it.

  12. Leopard says:

    With this I can really be a “Kung Fu ace!!! :)!

  13. BobbytheBobster says:

    it dznt work:'( Maybe Im doing it wrong…

  14. P.W. (patty wak) says:

    this looks like the coin trick. with the cup… :'(

  15. pieguy51 says:

    that i have to try

  16. Ducttapekid says:

    So why is it called the “Kung Fu hairdo joke”?

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