Comments about “Baffling Bandage magic trick”

  1. firsttimefollower says:

    it dosnt work for the last time!

    • magicismylife says:

      This trick does work ( @firsttimefollower) the key is to move your hands very quickly. When I was younger I was a boy scout my troop would learn new magic trick every meeting. That was what inspired me to be a magician. Don’t give up on the trick yet, its an easy one you’ll get it.

  2. owen de great says:

    it doesn’t fool my sis

  3. awesome dude says:

    legoboy2923 has a cool name

  4. says says: says:

    i tryed it,it doesnt fool my friends

  5. 99leee99 says:

    Not if you move it fast!

  6. kurby says:

    I am going to fool my friends with that

  7. LegoBoy2923 says:

    They’ll see that you moved your fingers when your done shaking them.

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