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  1. NINJ11202 says:

    i saw this trick on a magic app its harder when you do it on your palm

  2. Addicting games rater says:

    Oh, prof. wood is wrong. When the penny slides out of the sleeve, just flip out your hand and catch it.

  3. Addicting games rater says:

    You don’t need a coat. all you need is a long-sleeve shirt. It requires more practice, but it’s better.

  4. troop106ROXXX says:

    actually works

  5. professor wood says:

    It’s better and easier if you just flick it into your hand. 1. there aren’t many coats with sleevs that wide 2. it requires complicated hand positioning to get it into your sleeve. 3. when and if you do get it up your sleeve, it will fall out on the ground as soon as you put your arms down. so it’s much easier to just gently tap it into your hand.

  6. Jozef9889 says:

    AWESOME! :-)

  7. tman22 says:

    i got lucky because when i was showing it to someone, it fell into my hand!

  8. CDK says:

    They will obviously guess it, if not see it.

  9. ? says:

    cool i might try it

  10. DakHops says:

    Amazing! I’m trying this! my troop will not know what vanished!

  11. Beatlesfan says:

    NO COMMENTS!!!???? come on, this trick’s amazing!!!!!!

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