Comments about “One Cent Wonder 2 magic trick”

  1. jjcool says:

    Dose it work!?!?!

  2. timten says:

    it works but requires a lot of practice and time.

  3. boogie says:

    i did it for a while then the penny flew off and made a dent in my piano.:( (and mom was mad.)

  4. Gameguy says:

    Is that even possible?

  5. professor wood says:

    used this on one of my street shows and everybody said it was taped so i stopped spinning and (surprise) it fell off. XD

  6. skywolf27 says:

    Tape the penny for it to work. IT’S THE ONLY WAY!

  7. redsox says:

    It works!!!

  8. roarts says:

    its too hard to balanse it but sometimes i balance it. When i swing it the penny flies off. i dont think it works.

  9. low rider $$$$$$$ says:

    thats freakin’ awesome!!!

  10. chimpdude77 says:


  11. dakota says:

    it os so awesome

  12. Josh Jay says:

    great one Mac, you are a genuis

  13. tman22 says:

    I can just barely balance it on the hook but CANNOT spin the coat hanger. I don’t think it works.

  14. kick says:

    ilove it

  15. EJA says:

    ive tried this with a bucket of water an it works ( :

  16. mikey says:

    It works!My grandfather knew a guy who did it with a bucket of water!

  17. Bloon says:

    Whoa that’s cool. I need to try it sometime :P
    I hope it works

  18. j says:

    It should work in theory, but would require minimal air resistance and instant acceleration. I’m not sure, but gravity might be a problem too.

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