Comments about “Rock-N-Card magic trick”

  1. bored2dethw/distrik says:


  2. Girl's life too :D says:

    I think I can do other way :D

  3. pinkcute says:

    i dont get it!!!!

  4. boogie says:

    did you see that the “X” was connected on one side? (not that it matters.):D

  5. #148 says:

    i tried on my mom it did not work

  6. magicfreak says:

    what does “egads” mean?

  7. de awesome says:

    what makes them cut it there?

  8. anomonous says:

    it works for me…

  9. GrayWolf says:

    what if he sees the rocks or kicks them up?

  10. eek says:


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