Comments about “Tip Toe Tack magic trick”

  1. Canvas rider 13827 says:

    Any one can do that!

  2. Fartzilla says:

    I can’t wait to try it!!!!!!!

  3. I says to Mabel I says:

    looks good but i dont want to waste the soda

  4. MOONMAN200 says:


  5. Eragonguy says:

    It didn’t work :( (Well it kind of did) The pushpin came up before I the “Magical Words”.

  6. Mariofan11 says:

    It didn’t work for me.:(

  7. smo844 says:

    Its a pretty awesome trick, but i don’t think that it is worth the soda that u have 2 use.

  8. mustang man says:

    NICE! It looks FUN!!!

  9. Nat says:

    this is so cool did any of you guys try it? looks fun

  10. pieguy says:

    ive got to try that!!!!!!!!!!

  11. spongebobmax123 says:

    i would try it but i don’t like wasting soda.

  12. J.J. says:

    should try that on my mom!;-)

  13. bubba master says:

    that sounds really FUN!!!!!!1 i’ll have to try it me loving MAGIC and all.

  14. wazzup says:

    lemme at it lol

  15. Yo-Yo Bean 227 says:

    That’sso cool and it works! My friend thought it was fake, so he drinks the pop w/push pin!!! lol!!!

  16. BSA Man says:


  17. redsox says:

    It works!

  18. ELEMENTAL says:

    Now that is ausome!!! Woo Hoo!


  19. crazy says:

    very good

  20. DragonTamer123 says:


  21. Z-MAN says:

    I knew That one! ;-)

  22. Pie. says:

    That sounds cool.

  23. james bond says:

    it works

  24. J says:

    wow thats cool

  25. shotgun says:

    Thatsounds really scientific!

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