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  1. wertyuio says:

    what happens if the person doesnt catch it…yeah bet you ever thought of that…the trick doesnt work

  2. shinny412 says:

    I am so going to try it!

  3. scout1o1 says:

    I did this with my grandma but see didnt catch it.


    Can’t wait to try it!!! Remember kids, NEW or NEWISH deck. Old decks won’t work well.
    :) :P :D :lol:

  5. Canvas rider 13827 says:

    I bet this is the most fishyest trick ever?

  6. boogie says:

    if he counts the cards just to make sure,he’ll find 50 instead of 52 unless you have 54 cards so 52 comes out after.

  7. its peanut butter jelly time says:

    I did it at school and it worked and I tried it on my brother and he missed the catch…

  8. bb says:

    boring ………..

  9. bb says:

    this dosn’t seem like a trick. its hard :(

  10. Jesus Freak says:

    I need to try this.

  11. Yo Mama says:


  12. Eragonguy says:

    preeety cool :D

  13. Gameguy says:

    I tried it a year ago and the deck separated in midair.

  14. GaMeFrEaK dAvE says:


  15. professor wood says:

    a better use for this trick is to just squeeze on the top and bottom cards and they will fly and if you aim right it will hit your freind (or enemy) in the head

  16. DanielSon524 says:

    looks cool! cant wait 2 try it!

  17. redsox says:

    I did it to my sister. The cards didn’t separate but she dropped the cards right after she caught them.

  18. JCJ says:

    I tried this, but the person I threw the cards too wouldn’t catch them

  19. The Man with the Banjo says:

    Sort scared because it might not work! (Because I might do it wrong!)

  20. ffruyjiurt says:

    chimpdude77,did you use a old deck?

  21. EB says:

    I yried it and I did it! It was awsome!

  22. chimpdude77 says:

    it dosent work

  23. chimpdude77 says:

    i thot it ment to barf a deck of cards.

  24. lol says:

    i’ll try it

  25. Yoshi says:

    does it work?

  26. butterfinger says:

    That is boring………… just kidding……….it is actuly pretty cool………awsome i mean

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