Comments about “Pick Trick magic trick”

  1. scout1o1 says:

    I tricked my dad

  2. gibby says:

    easy pesy

  3. reversed says:

    That was a huge fad at our school just last week!

  4. bb says:

    this is hard to do . wont people see the toothpick

  5. dude1 says:

    how would you tape it the toothpick is to small

  6. cool guy says:

    lame i hit my cat with it!

  7. daws811 says:

    I fooled my mom with this

  8. professor wood says:

    i just wedged it under the top layer of skin on my finger and flicked it so hard it flew backwards. it worked much better.

  9. aaaasik says:

    cool but need improvement

  10. dewtop says:


  11. just me says:

    We have been doing this trick for a long time and LOVE IT.

  12. anomonous says:

    didnt work…

  13. coolguy1 says:

    it did’nt work.(mumble.)

  14. knothead says:

    Amazing! And the toothpick is thin which helps it disappear. That is so cool!

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