Comments about “Friendly Floating Fork magic trick”

  1. Bridget M. is ready (ready or not?) says:

    cool, love magic trix

  2. ben112233 says:

    cool have the set

  3. BURGER BOY says:

    I tried it with my mom. It was easy and fun. It worked. But my sister saw me operating the fork. Luckily, she didn’t tell my mom. The trick works well with a piece of cardboard. Goodluck!

  4. Skunktank says:

    Wow! Man I can’t believe tricked my little cousin!

  5. terrorist with inside knowlaedge says:

    thats cool

  6. J.J. says:

    I tricked my mom by doing that trick!

  7. Low Budget Magician says:

    Be careful to control the wrist movement when manipulating the fork as it can give the trick away.

  8. hello says:

    that is legit!

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