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  1. timten says:

    looks like fun, but would it work on our scoutmaster…..

  2. Unknown says:

    Very nice!

  3. TROOP.27 MEMBER says:


  4. anomonous says:

    cool kinda easy

  5. GreenLantern2.0 says:

    I totally amazed my friends and it really works

  6. crazy Cat$ says:

    It’s sweet, my sis couldn’t do it and went crazy!!!!:)

  7. Magician says:


  8. clueless says:

    weres pedro>?????????

  9. nate says:

    It’s a little to easy

  10. tonylocs says:

    after a couple of tries it worked

  11. migget says:

    that is so wierd

  12. dust2.0 says:

    i tried to do it. it looks so hard. but it was easy. oh and i am trying to look for peardeo or whater his name.

  13. John2x4 says:

    I never tried it but it’s cool dude is wright.

  14. funny guy says:

    I’d love to try it

  15. Addictinggames rater says:

    i`m gonna say it again IT IS TOO EASY

  16. Addictinggames rater says:


  17. Cool Dude says:

    Im a magician. i want to try it. :)

  18. 91 says:

    ACTUALLY, 90, IT WORKS!!!!!!

    try it if you dont beleive me!!!!!!!!

  19. mazda says:

    i say its cool

  20. cooldude says:

    it looks impossible.

  21. nistau217 says:

    pedro wuz here!

  22. superfast says:

    totally awsome

  23. 90 says:

    I say IT CAN ‘T WORK

  24. The Joker says:

    it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. nate123 says:

    this trick is so cool

  26. glyphguy says:

    im a magician and this trick rules!!!

  27. cooldude says:

    it looks impossible :!: :cry: :lol:

  28. mctux says:

    it does work

  29. Wackodude says:

    Tried it! AWesome

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