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E.S.P. (Extra Silly Psychic) joke

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10 Comments on E.S.P. (Extra Silly Psychic) joke


  2. My sister rolled her eyes and walked away. Im gonna see what my friend does when I say the last panel… fun

  3. My sister freaked!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LOL!! So FUNNY!! I’m serious…

  5. I litteraly laughed so hard when I saw that last panel!HA HA

  6. not that cool

  7. HAHAHAHAHA i did it on my sister. hohohoho she may have cald me wierdo but she calls everyone that.

  8. Super Luigi // October 7, 2008 at 5:27 pm // Reply


  9. Wierd

  10. lol that was soooooo funny

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