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  1. magicfreak says:

    you have to get around more mac. not evereyone has a sprayer!!!

  2. fg says:

    I saw it on americas funniest home videos

  3. staw-berry says:

    I tried it on my Mom and got in big truoble.

    PS. bad day!!!

  4. GrayWolf says:

    They also have ‘dis one in da Big Book of Boy Stuff.

  5. awesome dude says:

    my mom used to do that to her mom:^)


    i dont have a sink with a faucet sprayer but im getting one with one… in time for april 1st :P

  7. cooldude says:

    It didn’t work!

  8. dj says:

    cool prank

  9. NateDog says:

    I got my brother,mom, AND dad.It was hiiilarious!

  10. Your uncle says:

    i did it on my friend’s sink, and i waited for him to do it but then his mom came and got sprayed! XD ROTFLOL

    p.s. i didn’t get in any trouble. ha.

  11. killer4u77 says:

    it works with a rubber band too

  12. west0 says:

    i got my bro & sis!

  13. pranker says:

    i tried this on my sister and it hit me instead! lol

  14. krasy10 says:

    i meant mad, not made.

  15. krasy10 says:

    my brother did this to me and i got so made….

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