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  1. khan says:

    May i becom a telepathy master

  2. chessgirl says:

    It works as long as the pencel is really sharp

  3. timten says:

    You would have to tell your client to press down hard on the pencil when he writes…

  4. chimpdude77 says:

    mac must be left handed! (like me)

  5. Luke Skywalker forever says:

    I just tried it on my mom and it didn’t work

  6. Scout guy says:

    I tried that,toadaly freaked me out

  7. BADBOY says:

    Maybe i can be sikeck with this!

  8. Sesquipedaliac says:

    Sure is cheaper than using iodine vapor…

  9. morgan says:

    you are funny

  10. morgan says:


  11. yashiro says:

    i already know that but it is still cool

  12. rocketry678 says:

    this is so sweet. I never knew you could do that with a pad

  13. llcena54 says:

    yo dat waz of da hook!

  14. willyboy says:

    it stunk!!!!!nothing came up on the paper.

  15. naitonic says:

    i have GOT to try that

  16. SuGaRsPiCe2000 says:

    hahaa! thats funny:P
    im trying it right now!:)

  17. SUPA_I_MAN says:

    This is awesome, though i think it won’t work because sometimes people are light writers

  18. monkeykiller says:


  19. garyz says:

    i love it.

  20. royal says:

    this is so old all my siblings new what i was doing

  21. tully says:

    so totally cool

  22. Rocks says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    This stank! my sister guessed how I did it before I even finished the trick! Its still a little cool I guess, I still tricked my brother.

  24. swizzy#1 says:

    thats prety tite i’l try that later on

  25. Horse person7773 says:

    That was so cool!! al my friends loved it!!!

  26. your mom says says:

    anyone could figure that out.

  27. Harry Potter says:

    Hahahaha very funny.

  28. yosupdawg says:


  29. Ijamma1948 says:

    This is my favorite trick!

  30. Lego Star Wars Master says:


  31. bugger54 says:

    a little basic, but kool!

  32. Pokemonfreak says:

    That is cool. My friend is amazed!

  33. 562314789 says:

    cool, but I allredy know how to do that trick.

  34. SNAZ says:

    that was so cool

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