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  1. Peanut Butter says:

    Ummm………… I can actually bend my body like that. O.o

  2. Beatlesfan says:

    i would wear other pants.

  3. Guy in the Green Jacket says:

    I looked it up on wikipedia and it said Mac King weres briefs

  4. da da da says:


  5. cool dude says:

    I wold not whant someone whereing my pants

  6. obi wan kenobi says:

    who knew the mac king has polka doted underpants?

  7. PICKLEGROOBER9000 says:


  8. pix trix says:


  9. attack says: says:

    funky monky

  10. Texaskid says:

    i thought it was like “shuffuling” the pic! boy was i wrong, and i can say it wasn’t photoshopped!

  11. woohoo says:

    i want a monkey

  12. ??? says:

    everyone laughed when I showed them my picture

  13. et44 says:

    good idea The man

  14. sk8er says:

    Before I looked I guessed… …I was wrong.

  15. sk8er says:

    …… if she has not seen it yet by 1 of her friends!! ;)

  16. sk8er says:

    AWESOME!!!!!! now i can trick my mom. :)

  17. Bear says:

    LOL pretty neat

  18. hhhhhhh says:

    that is so cool. i will show that kind of picture to my mom.she will freak out.

  19. Mr. Logic says:

    I’ll try that! :-D

  20. Mvhawks says:

    Thats so cool! :D and chicken, if they lie down the person lying on his back is covered by his legs and ur head

  21. billyjoebob1062 says:

    It is cool !!!!!!!!!

  22. hi says:

    thats cool

  23. War boat says:

    I should try this

  24. chicken says:

    can the photographer can see the person on top of Mac?

  25. tuk-tuk says:

    I want a monkey too!!!!!!!!!

  26. mon says:

    how do ya get a monkey?

  27. Lewert says:

    Don’t do it exactly as the picture depicts-put some extra pants on.

  28. Mac King says:


  29. dude says:

    i think its crazy

  30. stewartlittle says:

    That was so cool

  31. cj says:

    That looks like fun.

  32. booerj2 says:

    :] awsome dude!!

  33. Awesome One says:

    This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll do this trick and show my friends

  34. THE MAN says:

    coool im gona put it on my christmas cards

  35. BlueLighteningDude says:

    cool :)- :) :)-

  36. robo joe says:

    that’s cool

  37. Boy says:

    I’v done this before and trick my friends mom

  38. The Joker says:


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