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  1. timten says:

    It works! My siblings and parents fell for it, but when I tried it on my siblings the second time they saw the rope moving in my shirt. I probably don’t have on the right shirt.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Worst trick eva

  3. Lumpy says:

    thats cool XD

  4. NateDog says:

    That is my favorite trick yet!

  5. 9 says:

    I love that trick, it is one of my favourite!

  6. coolish says:

    wow! But my sister was very suprised instead of happy

  7. Fizzysist says:

    Wow, My dad was amazed when I did it. :) :D

  8. GEXSTER says:


  9. dood says:

    man that was hallirous

  10. Scout for Life says:

    Great :) :P XD

  11. Super Mario 12 says:

    That trick is one of the best I’ve ever seen! :) :D :o ;)

  12. giul says:

    :) cool

  13. soljaboyjr. says:

    it is AWSOME ,my grandad tried to figure it out but couldn’t.

  14. wassup101 says:

    :) cool!

  15. d;fsjgksdrh says:

    :} FUNNY!!!

  16. Picklebeard says:

    :) I love rope tricks, I want to try this one out.

  17. fly says:

    I like it

  18. Mvhawks says:

    Awesome!! :D

  19. ryrun says:

    it funny but weird at the same time

  20. D Dude says:

    Ha Ha I doubt anyone can figure it out

  21. funny guy says:

    I LOVE it when the monkey said Yeegads that cracks me up!

  22. Bren says:

    that is hilarious!

  23. Bonzo says:

    Jolly Good

  24. big ben says:

    Love it!!!! my brother will like it to. :)

  25. Addictinggames rater says:

    Great trick.

  26. k12boy says:

    it is very very funny

  27. hawkeye says:

    sweet :) :) ;)

  28. fire says:

    it is cool my friens well like it

  29. pseudonym says:

    This is cool, i think my sister will figure it out though…>_<

  30. CrazyFrog3 says:

    Great trick! :) :D

  31. daniboy says:

    cool trick and funny

  32. rain says:

    it’s nice

  33. bassmasterGS says:

    :) Really FUNNY! I like it a lot. You make a smile by doing a colon and a bracket and the computer makes it look alive

  34. Inernet Explorer says:

    It was very FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. How do you put the the smile on?

  35. Double Take says:

    This is so cool! It’s really funny to see peoples faces as they try to figure it out!

  36. johnboy says:

    awesome gotta try it

  37. R.O. says:

    YEEGADS! I love it YEEGADS!

  38. micgs says:

    good trick :o

  39. a-dog word says:

    whats with the smile?

  40. jonbuddy says:

    Oops, I forgot this smile : :D

  41. jonbuddy says:

    Great! I love these tricks!

  42. boy says:

    I’m going to get my sister

  43. The Joker says:


  44. Da Boss says:

    Ha Ha! :lol:

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