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  1. Addicting games rater says:

    This really dosn’t work. You’ll never make the noise loud enough.

  2. boppymister says:

    it works but it does not make alot of noise when you have crooked teeth.


    dont get it

  4. SUPASONIC says:

    This. Is. MA FAV AS MUCH AS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. the inventer says:


  6. This is my nickname! says:

    That spit take looks weird. :P

  7. tobymac0 says:


  8. popeye says:

    cannot make cracking noise tryd bubble gum … WORKD!!!

  9. bob says:

    it’s hard to pull off i can’t do it
    but if you put a ice cube or dry macaroni in our mouth and bite it it does the same thing but is easier

  10. will says:

    I am going to try that on my mom

  11. GHJ says:

    That tricked really freaked out my mom. I pretended to have hurt my nose, then I cracked it. :P B)

  12. yot says:

    #1 way to clear a room

  13. t says:

    i dont get it

  14. ducan says:

    i tricked my mom LOL

  15. iron goblin says:

    lol cool

  16. barfface :) says:

    cant even make it loud enough p.s.barely works

  17. black says:

    HA HA HA

  18. yokster says:

    i have a book that tells me how to do that. this one is better

  19. Yellowfellow says:

    I knew that one!!!!!!

  20. spongebob says:

    thats not that cool.

  21. beentheredonethat says:

    Put your thumb’s finger nail behind your front teeth. Then to make the cracking sound, pull your thumbs foward.
    Want to know another trick? How to crack your nose. ( It is very hard to actually crack you nose so don’t try it)
    You make the cracking sound while violently shifting your hands to one side. Before you “crack your nose” tell a friend “Look i can crack my nose, can you?” Then once you show them how to “crack your nose” they will try and fail you can watch and laugh.
    P.S. Tell them once they get frusturated so they can tell everyone else.

  22. Norm says:

    Just make sure that you have clean teeth & fingernails!!!!!!!! :)

  23. yo mama says:

    that is so sick

  24. funny guy says:

    I love this trick LOL !

  25. bon says:

    I love that one!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  26. Addictinggames rater says:

    I can’t bend my nose is half.

  27. pac-man says:

    all i can just say is gross.

  28. VideoGameGirl says:

    I’ve Known this trick for five years

  29. hgfxdfchgdxs says:

    I can’t make it loud enough.

  30. BBQ says:

    i dont get it

  31. Hunt says:

    I dont get how to do the hand thing

  32. Eragon15 says:

    To gzghdzhf: This trick DOES work.

  33. Eragon15 says:

    Won’t that wear down your teeth?

  34. gzghdzhf says:

    DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!

  35. ADAM says:

    ive trick a kid doing that

  36. Darth Yoda! says:

    That is freaky

  37. Kurosami says:

    I tried it it doesnt work

  38. xBASSXx says:

    That would REALLY gross my mom out! COOL!

  39. erh says:

    i like cheese :lol:

  40. chipper the guinea pig says:

    that is strange

  41. mailbox21 says:

    I dont think i could do that. :-)

  42. boby joe says:


  43. Magilicudy Dlanc says:

    That would really gross people out to the max.

  44. Iron Man says:

    i tried it!! IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!!!!! or maybe i’m doin’ it wrong… BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD

  45. cDOG44 says:

    All I can say is: EEEW!!!

  46. The Joker says:

    I can do that

  47. asdf says:

    that is cool

  48. Nishino says:

    Just make sure you have clean fingernails.

  49. colliding galaxies!! says:

    Totally cool! I like the monkey.

  50. zoomer says:

    that’s a good trick

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