Comments about “Hanky Panky magic trick”

  1. lafytafy says:

    you would need a preety thichk bandana

  2. NateDog says:

    I like the trick but I just can’t make it work.

  3. XLR8 says:

    It seems OK I’m gonna try it on my sisters.

  4. stickpage violence says:

    seams cool

  5. non says:

    pretty cool i guess?

  6. STAR MAN says:

    parents fell for it

  7. Super Mario 12 says:

    My sister couldn’t figure it out, but she loved it! :D

  8. mak says:

    great trick!!!!

  9. coolcolin says:

    I did it to my mom and she thought it was real.

  10. killa red says:

    cool. you could get rich off of that

  11. skull eater says:

    nice one Mac King

  12. tiler says:

    thats so cool

  13. dexer says:

    hanky panky magic trick is so cool evenone

  14. Matthaw7158 says:

    to hard

  15. rob 500 says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    tried it does not work

  17. Anonymous says:

    weird trick

  18. mrkoolis10 says:

    not bad

  19. kid says:

    i don’t get this weird trick

  20. Macdude says:

    This trick rules

  21. awhqt6 says:

    this probably wold’nt work

  22. :-) says:


  23. Addictinggames rater says:

    Nice one. Seems a bit hard too.

  24. um... says:

    wouldn’t they notice the small hole that is pulling backwards?

    • timten says:

      if you get the right bandana, then it won’t show. Practice it a few times before you try it on your audience until even you can’t see the quarter!

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