Comments about “The Wailing Wall joke”

  1. magicguy says:

    looks like a trick i would try

  2. abraham says:


  3. boogie says:

    what if they try to curl it back up and they see that the bottom side is white?( i mean the side behind the curl.)

  4. girlsrule says:

    i tried this on my mom and it looks really real and i could hardly keep a straight face. she didnt freak out like i thot she would. :(

  5. shiny darkria says:

    i tried this on my mon and it made her freak out lolololol

  6. chimpdude77 says:


    watch out mom!

  7. Beatlesfan says:

    you can also use a book cover – especially on that yor parents just bot. theil go nuts.

  8. mitchooooya says:

    no wall paper

  9. qwer says:

    what is your guy’s houses?COMPLETELY WHITE???

  10. I DO! says:

    I have wallpaper. Ill try this later on and tell you what happend.

  11. marioman says:

    ditto J-man.


    i dont get it- i also have no wallpaper :(

  13. cooldude says:

    But the gross wet slober wolud still be on the wall!

  14. jesse says:

    same here *sighs even more then in the history of mankind*

  15. J-Man says:

    No wallpaper… sadly (sigh)

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