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  1. forever sad says:

    I tried it on a carrot… nothing happened :(


    this is going to be easier for me because my mom has been juicing carrots lately.hold on I’ll be right back I’m gonna try it…… darn it she juiced them all!!!!

  3. Riddle solver says:

    The reason they say carrot is because the number 10 and carrot go together. Why? 10 karat goes together, therefore, people say carrot

  4. Hermes says:

    My dad said broccoli, my sister said carrot.

  5. Equake says:

    lol,the carrot on the side under were it says,”Visionary”is thinking of corn XD

  6. Zacharia says:

    I wonder if the other person would say “ten” again XD

  7. mitchooooya says:

    cool i am going to try this.

  8. conmaster123 says:

    I tried this trick on my aunt.

  9. BoyScoutTroop85 says:

    It’s funnyer if you say NO and hold up a ramdom fruit.

  10. Magic Jester says:

    Your brain uses the analitical side for MAth problems and so that actually limits the “Quick answer” since your brain needs to make a jump to the other side. If you ask someone to name a vegetable they will think about it and can choose anything. You actually condition their mind to think of only th emost familiar vegetables Carrot is one of them. Make them answer quickly and it works even better!

  11. Guizos says:

    I did this a long time ago and it worked for me.

  12. Thug life says:

    I Don’t get it

  13. J Boy says:

    It worked all nine times:)

  14. Exbion says:

    I agree with ……say’s

  15. izzy28933345 says:

    it was awesome it worked but my sister said zucchini

  16. wafflemuffins says:

    LOL :)

  17. londonbritish says:

    This is so funny!

  18. guy says:


  19. Not Sam says:

    Crazy and weird,but it just work.

  20. dezii says:

    hey i try it with my mom and it work=)haha
    that cool

  21. some person says:

    It worked for me! :)

  22. JO JO says:

    My brother tried it on me, didn’t work. But on our parents it worked. I like it!

  23. kathryn says:

    My mom said carrot but my brother said tomato

  24. the genliuss says:

    It’s funny because, when they say carrot, you have one, which is kind of surprising.

  25. corky says:

    it didn’t work 4 me :-(

  26. voom says:

    very funny! :-)

  27. Anonymous says:

    i dont get it

  28. wassup101 says:

    I don’t get it either. can some body explain?

  29. natitonic says:

    i tried it on my dad and he said carrot, but i gorgot to et one! :\

  30. daniel says:

    Nice. I like it

  31. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it

  32. corky says:

    it didnt work 4 me :-(

  33. aus says:

    how dose it work

  34. t-dubs says:

    hahaha so funny. it worked on my brother

  35. superdude says:

    i tried htat trick on my dad only with a apple and asking him to name a fruit. IT WORKED!

  36. z,o, says:

    i tryed it and it worked good

  37. keko says:

    That,s very simple to do this I love it.

  38. R.O. says:

    Funny but i dont like carrots but very funny.

  39. ... says:

    i dont get it :-|

  40. freakman026 says:

    I have a book with a trick like that in it

  41. The Joker says:

    My Mom said carrot, but my sister said zucchini :D

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