Comments about “No Brain, No Gain magic trick”

  1. J.J. says:

    for every one who had thee blowing problem,it said “SOFTLY BLOW” (box 5)

  2. hi says:

    aww it didn’t go anywhere :,(

  3. jj says:

    i tryed it it worked!!!!!!!!!!!


    its okay…

  5. puppy says:

    thats cool

  6. Sheep says:

    Everyone knows this one but it is still so much fun!

  7. jjjjjjjjjj says:

    wind power, HA! get it?

  8. Mr. Expresso says:

    I should try this next time I am at Burgerking.

  9. sweet spud says:

    this trick worked! thank you

  10. Lightning Mcqueen says:

    Failure :( :?

  11. FALCON5.0 says:

    couldnt they here you blow???

  12. woohoo says:


  13. guy says:

    come on!!!! anybody can hear u blow on a straw

  14. vader100 says:

    I tried it on my sister and she knew I blew it.:(

  15. Super Mario 12 says:

    How are you supposed to blow without anyone hearing you? That’s probably why this one wasn’t a video, because all the kids would have figured it out! :(

  16. no says:

    nobody falls for this

  17. JDF says:

    I don’t think it will work:( .

  18. lexman128 says:

    when i tried it the person knew i blew on the straw.

  19. kiddo says:

    i tried it failed

  20. corky says:

    i don’t think that would work

  21. mak says:

    doesn’t look like it would work on adults, but the coin and the bandanna one works.

  22. Superman says:

    Sweet! I’m gonna try it now!

  23. The Joker/Elvis/Alien says:

    I tried this on everyone I know and they all figured it out!!!!!!

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