Comments about “Knots-O-Fun magic trick”

  1. Blazeiken says:

    Everyone Likes the foolish mortal part more than the trick! :)

  2. BoyScoutTroop85 says:

    When you flip the knot out, say ” That is just how good of a boyscout i am”.

  3. woohoo says:

    foolish mortals,bwahaha

  4. terence says:

    i gotta try it

  5. will says:

    It is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. bubble says:

    Im totaly doin that

  7. zombiekiller says:

    I think this trick is asome because how can make A whip sound like a whip .

  8. guy says:

    that ones too easy. but it’s cool when u do that on a couple of 5 year olds. it’s so funny. they act like your the coolest magician ever!!!!!!

  9. monkeykiller says:

    foolish mortals! hahahahahaha that is funny. however if i tried it I would probably get in trouble

  10. big green eye says:

    cool hav 2 try☺

  11. Juan says:

    That seems cool and dinner is almost ready

  12. dude says:


  13. Bren says:


  14. discoverychanall62 says:

    I’ll have to try that!

  15. Norm says:

    “Foolish Mortals” That’s my fav :)

  16. pieman90000 says:

    ha ha funny

  17. nick90 says:

    i gota try it

  18. the boy scout says:

    i dont get it

  19. Blackbird says:

    Looks kind of cool!

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. MACEWINDY says:


  22. Huy Guy says:

    Ha! very funny! I like the “follish mortals!” part!

  23. The Beast says:

    nice… i gotta try tht :D

  24. Nickname says:

    I am so trying this!!!!!!!

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