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Rope Wrangler magic trick


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15 Comments on Rope Wrangler magic trick

  1. rad rad rad rad it looks so cool i have not tried it but it looks fun and hard

  2. There are many other ways you can do this too. You can do this using three ropes too, So be creative!

  3. I’ve seen this before.

  4. clever… pretty clever

  5. :oIT WAS HARD!

  6. RAD

  7. Cool

  8. ^.^ wow! im really into magic trix

  9. That’s clever:)

  10. It is so cool! I think i’m going to do it on my brother.

  11. Sweet, that is almost as good as the yarn trick.

    Yes first post

  12. That’s clever!:)

  13. AWESOMEhhhhgh

  14. This joke was really cool! When i tried it with my brothers,they asked me how i did it but i said it was a secret.

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