Comments about “Rope Wrangler magic trick”

  1. jarod54321 says:

    rad rad rad rad it looks so cool i have not tried it but it looks fun and hard

  2. Mac King says:

    There are many other ways you can do this too. You can do this using three ropes too, So be creative!

  3. magicguy says:

    I’ve seen this before.

  4. dude says:

    clever… pretty clever

  5. loquito says:

    :oIT WAS HARD!

  6. mather says:


  7. natitonic says:

    ^.^ wow! im really into magic trix

  8. Bren says:

    That’s clever:)

  9. JO JO says:

    It is so cool! I think i’m going to do it on my brother.

  10. Royal says:

    Sweet, that is almost as good as the yarn trick.

    Yes first post

  11. Bren says:

    That’s clever!:)

  12. The Joker says:


  13. Jake Jr. says:

    This joke was really cool! When i tried it with my brothers,they asked me how i did it but i said it was a secret.

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