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  1. NINJ11202 says:

    this is a good trick

  2. kid says:

    Wow. Sisters are smart. |-(

  3. eggman says:

    that is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sheep says:

    my sister would probably ask how bendy everysingle card is and then write it down then have me do the trick again and say if it’s bendy or not (she’s a party pooper)

  5. da da da says:


  6. frodo says:

    AWESOME!!!! I am going 2 try it.

  7. camping rules!! says:

    this is way cool!!
    it is also sneakey

  8. pilow27 says:


  9. BlackLab says:

    It is so COOL!!

  10. The Joker says:

    My sister did not figure it out

  11. Exbion says:

    I tried two card tricks to one of my friends, this is one of them, he never detected a thing.

  12. star wars says:


  13. mack king says:

    It”s cool

  14. XLR8 says:


  15. mr.scince says:


  16. insert screen name here says:

    the 6s and 9s are tricky

  17. Zeek says:

    My little brother hates magic tricks im not sure if he will fall for it

  18. falcon5.0 says:


  19. qwerty says:


  20. dark riku says:


  21. Archeopteryx says:

    Awesome!!! :-) ;-) :-D :-0

  22. nanaal says:

    I showed it to my sister and she figured it out rite away.

  23. nanaal says:

    I showed it to my sister and she figured it out.

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