Comments about “Yanky Pranky joke”

  1. Person says:

    I did this to a 14 year old girl and she slapped me

  2. The Seventh Warrior says:

    Oh man oh man! I did this to my dad, he laughed so hard!

  3. NINJ11202 says:

    I did it to a girls sister! SHE LAUGH SO MUCH,SHE THREW-UP!!!

  4. boogie says:

    might use it for talent show at school

  5. mustang man says:

    HILARIOUS!!!!!!! I”m going to try it

  6. The Mac Magician says:

    I do this on every show I do. LOL! It’s so funny

  7. west0 says:

    I did it on my brother I loled

  8. Rar says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Calebite says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  10. cam man says:

    she fell 4 it XD

  11. cam man says:

    im trying it on my sisters

  12. The Camper says:

    ROTFLOL! ( rolling on the floor laughing out loud )

  13. mac king says:

    Very Funny! This would be a great trick to do on April Fool’s Day!

  14. billy bob says:


  15. poiuytrewq says:

    its so cool

  16. kranky says:

    hmmmmm. it might work.

  17. 058606 says:

    My brother cracked up! (I didn’t give him the trophy though.)

  18. gameboy77 says:

    can’t wait to try it on my sisters!!!

  19. iron goblin says:

    prety funny

  20. the fallen2 says:


  21. Boyscout1 says:

    ! can’t wait to try it out on my brothers! :)

  22. prankster says:

    looks like it would work all day long for anybody funny funny

  23. will says:

    it is very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Bloon says:

    haha lol thats hilarious!

  25. ploopys secret admirer says:

    that is so awesome!!!!!!!

  26. twister says:


  27. zaks12 says:

    cool, can’t wait to try it!!!!!

  28. ploopy says:

    thats the oldest trick in the book

  29. auquanaut#9 says:


  30. Royal says:

    How funny

  31. zacharia says:

    looks fun

  32. Mr. Nile says:

    That’s HILARIOUS!!! (for your information, I am Huy Guy, seriously, I’m the same person)

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