Comments about “Cockeyed Sodium Chloride magic trick”

  1. Ashar says:

    Can anybody please tell me how to do this trick?

  2. timten says:

    haha, a balanced diet! That’s funny!

  3. air says:

    dude you now you can do it without salt

  4. Adventureismymiddlename says:

    You also could do this with a egg!

  5. da da da says:


  6. MDOG says:

    I have been doing that since third grade. No one is surprised but it still looks cool. By the way there is no trick to it. Its like balancing a chair on one leg. you just have to be patient.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm… could work?

  8. dukie says:

    it is cool

  9. cockatoo says:

    hmmmmm. I doubt it. but it could work.

  10. cabob says:

    the best magic trick i ever seen.

  11. Harry Potter says:

    I don’t get it but it sounds cool,but where are the Magic In A Minute videos?

  12. a random person says:

    dear who. read it x2.

  13. exbion says:

    how do you do it, it’s Wicked

  14. zaks12 says:

    i now just the right place to try it!!!!

  15. who says:

    how do u do it? it doesnt say!

  16. somebody says:

    looks like no one has tried it. i wonder if it works

  17. don says:

    that was so awesome! except one thing, how could a few grains of salt hold a half full salt shaker?

  18. Mr. Nile says:


    This is Huy Guy, trust me, I’m the same person.

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