Comments about “No-Neck Casanova joke”

  1. The Seventh Warrior says:

    lol! My sister screamed!

  2. magic mistress says:

    i LUV this one

  3. magic mistress says:

    thats cool

  4. mamamuffin says:


  5. slicendice says:

    When i tried it my head came off so I had to put it back on *zombie*

  6. laughton9 says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    cool lol :)

  8. Pie lover says:

    I popped my neck when I did it.

  9. TT says:

    cool beans…

  10. GreenLantern2.0 says:

    That trick really works and i freaked out some people in my school even some teachers!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. tummypuncher says:

    i think that someone would see a scarf in your shirt though thats the problem

  12. reader says:

    in theary it works but in real life it dos not work lol :lol:

  13. Richard Nixon says:

    This is a very sneaky trick. I never would’ve thought of something that clever!

  14. the fallen2 says:


  15. Mr. Nile says:

    I love it!

  16. mike says:

    i think its awsome

  17. Chris says:

    I wonder if ths is how famous magicians started their career

  18. nick says:

    im a fan

  19. d says:

    zaks12, it will. just think about it, if u have the ability!

  20. superdude says:


  21. zaks12 says:

    that problibly wont work

  22. cool guy says:

    hey this is a cool trick but iv seen it before hey im the first comment wats up

  23. magicguy says:

    Cool! I saw a simmilar one on a T.V. show.

  24. old says:

    knew that a long time ago

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