Comments about “King-O-Cards magic trick”

  1. mather says:

    awesome !

  2. mid741 says:

    a good trick to do for someone who not read any magic books or thay will know right off!
    but still a good one!! >’-‘<

  3. Sheep says:

    magic is all trickery so of course you would have two cards!

  4. KASE says:

    IT is so lame

  5. cool guy 85 says:

    I don’t get it. How can you put the K of H on top?

  6. Yo Man says:

    That is cool I will have to use it

  7. tommy jr. says:

    So u have 2 cards.

  8. anonymous says:

    to beng all magic is fake. to make it work see the howdydoit section on the right

  9. person says:

    i do some tricks and that is a basic trick it’s the first trick i learned

  10. Jeepers says:

    Or get another K of H from another identical deck and put it on top of the deck. That way, you can actually show the K of H before you slip it into the middle.

  11. mr.m says:

    i knew this trick

  12. Richard Nixon says:

    I like this trick. I’m going to use this trick on my little brother and sister!

  13. someone says:

    cool trick

  14. a random person says:


  15. Guy says:

    Love it. I just love it.

  16. Hi says:

    Hi, this is fun!

  17. Beng says:

    This does not work! This has to be fake becuse 5 and 6 of spades alwas ended on top!!

  18. Stikky says:

    So Am I That Was A Really Good Trick

  19. Rocko says:


  20. magicguy says:

    Nice! I’m going to try on my family right now!

  21. chese man says:

    HEY the joker iwas the first 1 2 coment on this 1 HA!HA!

  22. chese man says:

    i know a trick exzakly like that only with jacks just put this1 in!

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