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A peek at BL Workshop projects from decades past

To close out our 100th birthday year, here’s a glimpse of some BL projects from decades past. Want to try them? Download the PDFs to see the original instructions and guidelines.

Make a photo display
July 1989

With a little woodworking skill, you can display your photos in a collage that can be hung on a wall for everyone to enjoy.

How to make a folding camp lantern
March 1951

Here’s a new item you might add to your list of lightweight equipment — a compact folding lantern.

How to make a periscope
January 1972

Did you ever wish you were a foot taller so you could look over a wall or fence, or be able to see more at a parade? With this easy-to-make periscope, you can.

Temporary Snow Shoes
January 1960

You can follow the example of the Indians and trappers of the far north, when they are caught short in a heavy snow storm. They make emergency shoes.

Dream On
September 1997

Troubled by nightmares? Hang a Native-American dreamcatcher by your bed and you’ll be sleeping soundly.

14 Comments on A peek at BL Workshop projects from decades past

  1. BoyScout094 // March 23, 2015 at 6:34 pm // Reply

    Please add more!! I like doing these!

  2. Please put more of the “Oldies” on here! They are cool projects

  3. Anybody have the January 1951 issue which featured Ben Hunts article “ORANGE CRATE CANOE” I am 70 years old and was a boy scout in Rutland, Vermont at the time I read the article. I now live in Tucson, Arizona and would like to try and build it. Thank you!

  4. Ben Hunt’s projects are great. More of these!

  5. please add more of the “old” projects

  6. I think that the snow shoes are easy to make

  7. Seems the like the projects were cooler back then…so were the articles, todays BL reads like a comic book..

  8. billythecoolguy // January 8, 2012 at 1:30 pm // Reply

    i need a simple project to do that can be a decoration for your room.thoughts?ideas?i need some.

  9. I mean cardboard

  10. can you use ardboard for the periscope?

  11. oh wow this is good advice and it’s cool

  12. These all look complecated.

  13. I think these are all great. These thibgs could really come in handy in the northern part of the U.S.

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