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Use nature to make great gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up. Show your mom just how great she is by making her a gift inspired by Mother Nature herself! Topped off with a homemade card, it will be a present Mom will never forget.


This promise tree can also become an instant jewelry hanger.

1. Find a branch with plenty of twigs. You can paint it or leave it natural.

2. Stand up the branch in a container and stabilize it with pebbles or clay.

3. Cut shapes from paper and write special coupons for your mom.

4. For surprise coupons, you can roll up squares of paper.

5. Attach them to the branch with colorful bits of yarn. And no griping when she uses them!


Make a set of coasters for mom’s drinking glasses or mugs.

1. Trace a circle slightly larger than the base of a cup.

2. Place leaves and flowers between two pieces of clear contact paper. For an added touch, glue felt to the bottom of each coaster.

3. Press the contact paper and felt together before cutting.

4. Cut out the circle (or other shape).


Want flowers for Mom to last as long as possible? Turn them into a place mat.

1. You’ll need two pieces of clear contact paper big enough for a table setting. With the backing pulled off, arrange petals, leaves and flattened flowers on the sticky side of one piece.

2. Carefully lay the second sheet, sticky side down, over your design. (An extra pair of hands can help.) Bending and placing the contact paper as shown will help avoid wrinkles and bubbles.

3. Trim the edges to make a fancy border.

4. The colors of the flowers will fade, but their beauty won’t.


Turn a rock into a pendant your mother will love.

1. Wrap a piece of yarn or embroidery floss around the rock every which way.

2. Tie the ends together at one side, then make a double knot a little farther up to create a loop.

3. Coat the rock and yarn with white liquid glue.

4. Keep it on a piece of wax paper until the glue dries clear.


Make your mom a set of poetry pebbles to play with.

1. Find at least 20 smooth pebbles similar in size.

2. With a permanent marker, write a single word on each one.

3. Choose words you think she would like, using a mix of nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns and prepositions.


… and Mom’s attention with a dazzling sun catcher that’s easy to make.

1. Cover your work area with newspaper, then sandwich flowers and leaves between two pieces of wax paper.

2. Tuck some glitter and colorful crayon shavings inside, too.

3. With adult supervision, cover with a layer of newspaper, then run an iron set on low over the sun catcher to seal it.

4. The sun catcher can be cut into any shape you wish.

5. Punch a hole at the top and add a loop of yarn so it will be ready to hang.


Make a secret hiding place for Mom’s treasures. You’ll need a glass jar with a lid, a piece of cardboard, a cardboard tube and some dried beans.

1. Cut a circular cardboard base that is smaller than the bottom of your glass jar.

2. Cut the tube so it is slightly shorter than the jar, and glue it to the cardboard base.

3. Plug the tube with paper before filling the jar with beans.

4. Stand the tube and base inside the jar. Pour dried beans all around it, right up to the top. Remove the paper to unplug the tube.

5. This hiding place is so good, you might want to make one for yourself.


Here’s a photo case Mom will be nuts about.

1. Find a large, symmetrical walnut.

2. Ask an adult to split a walnut shell in half.

3. Trim photos to fit on each rim.

4. Glue them into place.

5. When the glue has dried, put the two walnut halves back together and glue a scrap of felt across them to make a hinge.


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  1. mesquites says:

    The sun ray smells funny if you use certain plants.

  2. smiley_ face says:

    thanks for the help bro

  3. Scout says:

    u can make the pendant and the necklace seprate, if you do this then you can make the necklace out of something else or even put it on a real chain

  4. jo says:

    love it 8)

  5. Anonymous says:

    love it 8)

  6. OA member 1234 says:

    all right some cool ideas

  7. scout scout says:

    My mom loved the tree with the coupons thanks!
    Scout Scout

  8. kurby2 says:

    :) wow

  9. daddyaddycula says:

    i really like the coupon tree i think its really neat

  10. camclown says:

    I’m going to make a sea glass necklace.


    I like these ideas. I might do the rock one with seaglass. I dont know about the safe though. :) :P :D :lol:

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  13. scuba diving mama says:

    For the MOMS ROCK project how about using sea glass!!

  14. tsering dhundup says:

    I realy like the photo case thing (Even though my mom is allergic to ALL nuts) and the secret safe thing too.
    The boys will enjoy making these for mom

  15. sammey says:

    neat and cool

  16. Crafter says:

    my mom will love them

  17. Joshua says:

    This is a great idea of doing this project.

  18. oreo-95 says:

    In my opinion I think these are great ways to go green and great gifts for mothers too

  19. woyo12 says:

    Great idea!

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  21. cubmom says:

    I would
    love any one of these for Mothers Day!!

  22. bannana boy says:

    Does anyone know where I can find a walnut?

    • autumnforest says:

      You can usually find whole walnuts at grocery stores, more likely during the Christmas holiday shopping season, but you might find some now.

  23. superscout says:

    I really like the power flower thing * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  24. spyscout123 says:

    Do you think I could combine them

  25. Kum Deng says:

    I like the project!

  26. Mikedude says:

    Also, are these any good for christmas presents?

  27. Mikedude says:

    That secret safe thing would be the perfect way to hide things from my brother, but could I use some thing besides dried beans…..

  28. Samonerd says:

    I realy like the photo case thing (Even though my mom is allergic to ALL nuts) and the secret safe thing too.

  29. henry says:

    good idea!!!!!!!!

  30. CoolDude says:

    Nice ideas!!! These will be great for Mother’s Day!!!!!

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    these are great

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    its awsome

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    i love the ideas!!!!

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  35. Scoutdad says:

    Neat ideas! The boys will enjoy making these for mom. Thank you..

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