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Make a whistle

Make a variable-pitch whistle that you can use to signal, play a tune or just show off your carving skills.



  • Pocketknife
  • Small piece of willow branch, 3 to 5 inches long, about the diameter of your little finger


step11. Cut a 45-degree bevel on one end of the stick. This will be the mouthpiece of the whistle. Just forward of the bevel and on top of the whistle, cut a notch with a 90-degree edge close to the bevel and angle off the top. This will be used for airflow. Cut the bark around the stick at the desired length of your whistle.


step22. Tap the whistle with the handle of your knife to loosen the bark from the wood. After tapping all sides of the whistle, twist the bark loose. Keep at it until the bark eventually comes off, but be careful: The bark must remain in one piece.




3. Take the stick and cut off the beveled part flush with the 90-degree cut of the air hole. Cut a small sliver off the top of the beveled part of the stick. This will make the hole needed to allow air to go into the whistle. This part of the stick will then become part of the mouthpiece. Insert this mouthpiece part into the angled end of the bark piece.

4. Put the remaining part of the stick back into the other end of the bark, and the whistle is complete. Blow into the whistle and slide the stick up and down in the bark. This will give you the range of your whistle tones.

Comments about “Make a whistle”

  1. basketballjock says:

    that is awesome

  2. x boy says:

    awesome!!! gonna try’d

  3. Barbarian says:

    I once almost cut my finger off cutting / carving wood with a knife / saw

  4. EG Cub Scout says:

    This is so cool! Im Going to Make mine right now!

  5. sdawesome says:

    I want to do that

  6. sweaty says:

    gonna make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sam says:

    Wish I could do that!!!!

  8. darkshadyperson says:

    slipping the bark off is hard

    • plantsciencemomma says:

      To slip the bark off, do it in the spring, the cambium will be more slippery as the “sap is running”

  9. Piggy says:

    Should I make one?

  10. wild says:

    ok I didn’t do it yet

  11. wheestle says:

    To loosen the bark, you can both tap it and roll it on a railing, pressing pretty hard.

  12. my name is elmo says:

    how do u do this it is so confusing

  13. dragonryder says:


  14. scream says:

    does It need to be a live branch.

  15. Knuckles says:

    I screwed up when I tried. How are you supposed to cut the branch with a pocketknife?

  16. Ty101 says:

    Can you use an oak tree branch?

  17. =) says:

    Awesome! im gonna try this now!

    I have a willow tree in my back yard =)

  18. norm381 says:

    do you have to use a willow branch and if not what else can you use

    • SciFly says:

      You can use lots of things but the bark on the willow tree will come off in one piece easier than just about anything else. After you make a few (for yourself and your friends) then you can branch out and experiment with other stuff.

  19. spms says:

    does it have to be a willow branch?

  20. Prescott says:

    Easy fun and effective way to get stitches! :)

  21. ET says:

    This is a dangerous task I cut my leg

  22. paraman says:

    really difficult looking

  23. hi says:

    I stabed my hand with this almost got stiches. I don’t like it.

  24. minecraft101 says:

    I have no idea how they figuire that out,but I will make one someday!!

  25. Akela says:

    Trying out the whistle. The tapping to get the bark to slip is the tricky part.

  26. SurvivorGuy101 says:

    This is cool

  27. jimmybob says:

    this is great! i’m making mine right now!

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