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Six projects to do with plastic bottles and jugs

Recycle empty bottles and jugs into these fun and useful projects.


1. Ten-Minute Bird Feeder

Cut four holes 2″ from the bottom on each side of a half-gallon milk jug. Below each hole, make a small hole and poke dowels or sticks through the feeder. Ask an adult to drill a small hole in the cap.

Attach a string or metal coat hanger, fill with birdseed and hang it up.

2. Self-Watering Planter

Cut the top third off a 2-liter plastic bottle. Ask an adult to drill a small hole in the cap. Pass a string through the hole. Fill the bottom of the bottle about half way with water. Place the top upside-down in the bottom and put in your plant. The string will wick up the water into the soil.

3. Ball Toss Game

Cut the bottoms off two 1-gallon milk jugs. Make a ball from rolled-up plastic grocery bags and tape. Enjoy a game of catch.

4. Quicker Berry Picker

Cut a hand-size hole opposite the handle on a 1-gallon milk jug. Slide the handle onto your belt. You’re ready to pick and hold more berries.

5. Flying Saucers

Cut the bottom from a milk jug about 3″ high. Cut three or four 3″ circles from the upper part of the jug. Try to sail the disks into the milk-jug bottom.

6. Garden Scoop or Boat Bailer

Cut a 1-gallon milk jug at an angle as shown. This is great for spreading compost or removing water from a boat.

Comments about “Six projects to do with plastic bottles and jugs”

  1. starter cub says:


  2. scoutkid says:

    this is neat! :)

  3. Bemostein says:

    I likey

  4. bass man says:

    last four are strange

  5. 32lol says:

    lol hf (laugh out loud) (have fun)

  6. Crafter says:

    any more ideas??

  7. Scouter says:

    Simple things can still be cool

  8. garden furnisher says:

    Does anyone know how to make a sculpture of a flying bird out of a two litre plastic milk bottle? I’m trying but haven’t got it right yet. it looks like a flying swan at the moment!

  9. cindy says:

    great tips and work very well

  10. nick says:

    cool ideas for the bird feeders

  11. Anonymous says:

    awesome ideas. this was a BIG HELP!

  12. natitonic says:

    i like the self watering plant!

  13. stop smoking plan says:

    Simple tips but great ideas!!!

  14. spyscout123 says:

    cool i’ll try most of them.

  15. the man says:

    awsome dude

  16. Battleaxe dude says:

    I think almost everyone was to simple except the self-watering plant

  17. Tractorman says:

    I would love to see how to make a robot. How about electricity projects?!

  18. frosh says:

    For the self-watering planter, it may be useful to know some of these tips.
    1) use COTTON string. plastic stuff won’t work.
    2) use about 5 strings. one string will not bring anough water to the plant.
    3) use soil made for seed starting or potting. regualr soil from the garden will compress and become some what like concrete (not good)
    4) once in a while, take apart the planter and wash the water resvoir and strings.

    the best of luck

  19. environman says:

    these are all eally cool and i think i might try some. these projects are becoming really fun for me and my family!!!

  20. big B says:

    I punched holes and added a string handle to help get the planter out. This makes it easier to add water. I also decorated the base for Valentine’s Day.

  21. mr J says:

    I am gonna try out the feeder.

  22. big B says:

    Has anybody made the self watering plant holder? Has anybody made modificacons to it?

  23. c.432 says:

    good, i’l use those

  24. bambam says:

    i like the first 2 they recycle and help the environment

  25. lego says:

    i like the self watering planter thats awsome

  26. Ismell A. Lot says:

    I thought the SELF- WATERING PLANTER was interesting.

  27. X Avenger says:

    What about a fish feeder using half of a empty milk jug. Poke/drill a hole in the cap, crumble the food, put food in top of jug, watch fish eat.

  28. Nature Boy says:

    card board orange juice cartons r better for bird feeders ’cause if they fall they decompose

  29. tom says:

    cool im in cubscouts i think we should do it

  30. willtron 4000 says:


  31. bible boy says:

    We need something kooler like traps

  32. basketball101 says:

    i did the second one today

  33. Buck tooth says:

    That is way too simple do something alout cooler!

  34. sonicx says:

    i really like the second one

  35. THE MAN says:

    awsome i will do all 6

  36. eagle or bust says:


  37. Zsaverman says:

    That self-watering planter was a great idea!

  38. rat says:

    I Love those ideas

  39. bud says:

    really cool i like th idea of the berry picker holder

  40. Anonymous says:

    Do somthing COOLER

  41. Anonymous says:

    TOO SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. jj says:

    i think all those 6 projects are good to do

  43. Scout Razor says:

    You have bright ideas in recycling used plastic jugs into practical use. Regards from the Philippines.

  44. PICKLE says:


  45. twiggy says:

    i thought the bird feeder is a good idea

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