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How to make twig pencils

Twig pencils are fun, easy and cheap to make. And the expressions on your friends’ faces when you start scribbling with a stick will be writetious!




  • Ppruning clippers
  • Drill and 3⁄32-inch bit
  • Clamp
  • Scratch awl or nail
  • White glue
  • 2mm-diameter drafting lead, 2B grade (at art or office supply stores)
  • Utility knife or pocketknife
  • Adult permission or supervision

twig-1STEP 1: Find a twig. Look for one with interesting color, texture or with a forked shape. (The length of the twig, though, must be straight.) Hold the twig as you would a pencil to find the right size. Use pruning clippers to trim away unwanted parts. Check the twig for bugs (you don’t want any).


twig-2STEP 2: Clamp the twig to the edge of a workbench or piece of plywood. Be careful! Too much pressure can crush the twig.


twig-3STEP 3: Use a scratch awl or the point of a nail to make a dent at the center of the twig’s end. The dent will become the starting point for the drill bit.

STEP 4: Drill to a depth of 1 to 1 1⁄4 inches. Make sure to keep both hands on the tool!

As you drill, you may need to back out the bit to clear wood chips from the drill’s flutes (its spiral grooves). To do this, stop the drill and scrub the bit with an old toothbrush.


twig-5STEP 5: Squirt a small puddle of glue on a scrap of wood or cardboard. Roll the end of the lead in the glue, then work it back and forth in the hole to spread the adhesive.

STEP 6: Trim the lead by breaking it sideways against the twig. Let the glue dry overnight.


twig-7STEP 7: Sharpen the pencil with a sharp utility knife or pocketknife. Whittle away from your body, removing thin shavings as you work around the pencil. Use your imagination to personalize your pencil, or simply enjoy the colors and textures that nature provides.

Comments about “How to make twig pencils”

  1. scout#1 says:

    looks cool I have to try it.

  2. super z says:

    to put an eraser on it: take a eraser off another pencil and glue on twig pencil.

  3. Mr. awsomeman says:

    This looks fun. i’m going to try it

  4. Percy Jackson 2.0 says:

    looks interesting to do

  5. mark the shark says:

    this thang is awesone

  6. girl that wishes she could be a scout says:

    I’m gonna do this…oh and you could just remove the lead/graphite from a pencil. 1. remove the eraser 2. poke eraser end with nail 3. when lead starts to loosen, pull out from writing side….pretty simple

  7. SHAG says:

    looks like fun

  8. turkey says:

    looks fun

  9. TENDERFOOT 1 says:

    Here is a eser way. Whittle a stick burn the end bingo you have a pencil. This is very cool. :( :/ :p :)

  10. mike says:

    Could you make a point and stick it in a fire?

  11. Me says:

    It does not matter how hard it looks,it just matters how much fun you have making it

    • Scouter Deryck says:

      Made these a couple of weeks ago and the Cubs and Scouts really enjoyed making them. Will be making a lot of them for Christmas gifts.

  12. fungi says:

    its fun and esasy guys!!!!!!!!!!11

  13. uger// says:

    I wish i could make it but…

  14. dude in scouts says:

    I’m going to do that with the arow i made in archery merit badge the arrow is long as a piece of paper

  15. someone says:

    thats pretty cool

  16. Crafter says:

    looks pretty cool but it sound pretty expensive for the supplies

  17. D-man says:

    I might try this

  18. jet! says:

    going to try making one. :)

  19. tony b says:

    I got one from a suvener shop once and wandered how they made them,
    but now I know!

  20. CC da man says:

    Looks hard, but COOL! I might try it!

  21. A Person says:

    I mighr try this! Looks very cool!

  22. Cheddar says:

    I think I’ll try it some time looks cool!! 8-)

  23. jlgm34 says:

    i found a pack of 12 leads on sale for $8 but that didnt include shipping. thats sort of expensive for a twig pencil isnt it?

  24. Anonymous says:

    If the lead is loose just put some elmers glue in the hole first and let it dry for 1 day before sharpening. COOL!

  25. bsa says:

    looks hard :(

  26. piney says:


  27. sonic says:

    I think it’s cool.

  28. camper man says:

    that might be much harde unless it in a stick maybe

  29. runescapeguy says:

    Do you use lead or graphite?

  30. Cheesepizza! says:

    Looks kool! it’s graphite lead right?

  31. Cat says:

    That is a really good idea! I have to share this with the other scouts!!! Looks fun…

  32. Dom says:

    It’s pretty cool!!!!!Got to try it some time.

  33. hi12334456788 says:

    I thought you use graphite.

  34. eddie says:

    I love this idea, I will try it with my dad.

  35. bob says:

    That is cool

  36. dude says:

    gotta try it

  37. Nathan says:

    I might have to try that sometime

  38. dan-o#1 says:

    Yes I must admit, it is very good, but THE QUESTION IS, WHERE WILL WE FIND THE LEAD???!!!???

  39. game1441 says:


  40. Boardman says:

    AWESOME. My summer camp makes these. They are really cool :mrgreen:

  41. Videorascal says:

    I’ll have to try that some time!

  42. Dean,Frank,and Sammy says:

    Cool! I’m doing this…NOw

  43. sparky says:

    Im going to tell our cubs about this, they will love it

  44. natitonic says:

    ^.^ this i cool! i MUST try this soon!

  45. madd says:

    now THAT is cool!

  46. NIck G. says:

    well that’s a 1st

  47. FliegentheCockatiel says:

    Interesting…similar to my feather pen I’m famous for at school!

  48. d says:

    cool idea. might try someday.

  49. mark the shark says:

    this thang is awsome

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