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How to make twig pencils

Twig pencils are fun, easy and cheap to make. And the expressions on your friends’ faces when you start scribbling with a stick will be writetious!




  • Ppruning clippers
  • Drill and 3⁄32-inch bit
  • Clamp
  • Scratch awl or nail
  • White glue
  • 2mm-diameter drafting lead, 2B grade (at art or office supply stores)
  • Utility knife or pocketknife
  • Adult permission or supervision

twig-1STEP 1: Find a twig. Look for one with interesting color, texture or with a forked shape. (The length of the twig, though, must be straight.) Hold the twig as you would a pencil to find the right size. Use pruning clippers to trim away unwanted parts. Check the twig for bugs (you don’t want any).


twig-2STEP 2: Clamp the twig to the edge of a workbench or piece of plywood. Be careful! Too much pressure can crush the twig.


twig-3STEP 3: Use a scratch awl or the point of a nail to make a dent at the center of the twig’s end. The dent will become the starting point for the drill bit.

STEP 4: Drill to a depth of 1 to 1 1⁄4 inches. Make sure to keep both hands on the tool!

As you drill, you may need to back out the bit to clear wood chips from the drill’s flutes (its spiral grooves). To do this, stop the drill and scrub the bit with an old toothbrush.


twig-5STEP 5: Squirt a small puddle of glue on a scrap of wood or cardboard. Roll the end of the lead in the glue, then work it back and forth in the hole to spread the adhesive.

STEP 6: Trim the lead by breaking it sideways against the twig. Let the glue dry overnight.


twig-7STEP 7: Sharpen the pencil with a sharp utility knife or pocketknife. Whittle away from your body, removing thin shavings as you work around the pencil. Use your imagination to personalize your pencil, or simply enjoy the colors and textures that nature provides.

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  1. John says:

    cool idea

  2. snap dragon says:

    i am totally going to try this out.

  3. Vikki@home says:


  4. Spartangirl says:

    Ooh, I need more pencils for school” these are cool pencils. I think I’ll give ‘em a try.

  5. BGK says:

    this may sound weird but im 11 yrs old and I made this my self and it was AWESOME

  6. batman says:

    That sound like so much fun I’m totally going to try it

  7. Karlsdad says:

    I would have to check the Guide to Safe Scouting to see IF a scout can use a drill, before I got started.

  8. shobi says:

    wow fantastic

  9. Nubi78 says:

    Not trying to be a Debbie Downer but lead that is only 1 1/4″ long basically means the pencil is worthless after one or two uses.

  10. Acarverofwood says:

    After you’ve made the pencil, practice your Woodcarving Merit Badge skills and carve a face in your new pencil. Always remember to use a sharp knife and wear safety gear.

  11. drawing guy says:

    Find the right size twig and the right size drill bit and you could also do this with a ballpoint pen refill for added fun.

  12. Homer says:

    If you scrape some of the paint off a number 2 pencil and soak it over night, you can seperate it length wise and the lead will come out easily.

  13. why, comatose, why??? says:

    Where would I get the lead???

  14. Mamamia says:

    Ooooh nyc my friend didnt believe her eyes and she was lyk ‘andrea why you writin’ with a twig’ but i showed her the website

  15. Anonymous says:


  16. Nathalie says:

    Wow awesome

  17. Richard S. says:

    Absolutely love this project. Great for people of all ages.

  18. hi says:


  19. pie terimater says:

    so epic

  20. iyisjellyfishgirl says:

    These look like the greatest projects to do in the holidays! Trying that out ASAP!

  21. mvmike says:

    Looks good

  22. jimmybob says:

    AWESOME!!! i’m making one right now!

  23. i says:

    that is so cool!!!!

  24. SS says:

    Very very cool I like it

  25. Tenderfoot says:

    Great for cubscots that just got their Whittling Chip.

  26. DMND KING says:

    awesome dude its really creative :)

  27. Captain Awesome says:

    I know this might sound crazy but I’m 15 yrs. old and I am making a pencil company.

  28. thcman says:

    i might want to try that!

  29. Lunamoon says:

    Does this really work? I hope it does, because this is a cute idea I like it.

  30. GoHomeKidd23 says:


  31. Amy says:

    Art supply stores carry large charcoal and graphite drawing sticks. You can even find white charcoal.

  32. the halk says:

    cool that rocks

  33. Admin says:


  34. ropopo says:

    im gonna try it

  35. the hornet says:

    tried it didn’t work

  36. S & G & T & H says:

    That is pretty creative.

  37. pikachu says:

    cool, i just might try this. before lead was used in pencils, ( today graphite ) they burnt the tip of the sharpened twig to make charcoal then they wrote with that. :)

  38. COOKIE-MONSTER4747 says:

    Thats pretty cool :)

  39. JJ says:

    What else can you use to make a pencil?

  40. 4433434334434343 says:


  41. mom says:

    I think that you could go to a writing supply store and buy the fattest “lead” (graphite) that you use to put into mechanical pencils for refills, that would work for these, wouldn’t it? These are very neat! Thanks for a lot of neat ideas for a variety of boys (and dads, and moms….)

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