I Spy New Rides!

Take aim at the coolest, fastest, greenest machines in automotive history. These concept cars are undercover for now, but BL‘s here with a sneak peek.

Use the arrows above to scroll through the photos. Click on captions to learn more about each car.


Comments about “I Spy New Rides!”

  1. Borritio says:

    I love these cars ,they are amazing

  2. No telling says:

    Look, all of the cars that are green sedans, family cars, and sports cars will sell the most as everybody wants them. My personal favorites are the Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes Benz,and Jaguar as the are either sports sedans or green supercars.

  3. suzukiboy says:

    I want them all!

  4. SHADOW says:

    I like the porsche a lot. Its quite remarkable

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would have to say that either the BMW or the Mercedes is the best.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Mini doesn’t seem like it would get very far on the market; it probably won’t get any farther than concept auto shows.

    • ELI084 says:

      I think the mini cooper concept is beast and they are made by bmw. Although the mini cooper concept does look like a jeep wrangler. TAKE THAT JEEP and go MINI COOPER CONCEPT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. flores says:

    the bmw is my fav !

    go bavarian motor works !

  8. weiblo1 says:

    those cars are insanely cool

  9. cars says:

    the new Porsche is awesome i hope top gear tries it out

  10. 800abc says:

    those cars are amazing

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